Discovering content on Netflix (98k+ ways)

Netflix collage

Watching TV has been favorite past time since long. It started with a few programs, then became 24×7 with multiple channels over a period. TV had a long run with not much of a competition before the age of internet. But people were dissatisfied by the lack of flexibility and choice of content. And of course the Ads was a major issue for many.

With the arrival of Netflix, things have changed a lot. People now have the power to chose and flexibility to watch content. Watching content without Ads is again a big relief. Netflix has a humongous amount of content with more than 5.5k titles catering to different tastes. This raises the question “Why isn’t everybody using Netflix?” Well, there are a couple of reasons behind that –

  1. Netflix doesn’t have Sports, News, etc content
  2. There’s lot of content which you might not want to watch at all. e.g. Bollywood movies
  3. Internet connectivity is a problem in certain areas
  4. And it’s not easy to discover content on Netflix

While we cannot do much about the first 3 points, for the 4th we have the structured the Title information available on Netflix in such a way, that it becomes easier to discover and have tools like:

  • Search – Titles, Cast, Director, Year and Genre
  • Filter – Content type, Genre, Genre (Combo), IMDb rating, Critics Rating, Original/Dubbed Audio and Subtitles
  • Sort – Year (Old to New, New to Old), Recent addition, IMDb, Tomatometer, Metascore, Box Office and SapScore.

All these options can be combined in 98000+ different ways to help you discover content. And we are not talking about the selection within each filters, it just the combination of the tools which you can use. You must be thinking “This is a joke, right?”. Lets do the math – There is 1 Search option, 8 Sorting options and 7 1/2 Filter options (Genre Combo is a subset of Genre). This total of 16 1/2 options can be combined in 98304 different ways.

Your next thought will be, “Wait there are only 5500 something Titles, how can I discover them in 98304 ways?” Well one way is equal to one sequence of arrangement of the titles and not unique titles. e.g. 1 and 2 can be arranged like 1,2 and 2,1. Similarly these 5500 titles can be arranged in 98304 different ways (out of trillion trillion ways) which gives you more options in content discovery from what you get in Netflix.

So what are you waiting for, try these tools now to discover content. (USA | Canada)