Why the name Sapodilla?
Sapodilla is a tropical fruit which most people may not know about. But once you eat it, you will never forget it. And when you are eating other fruits, you will recall Sapodilla’s delicious taste.
Like the fruit, this website would be unknown to most people. But once they use it, you will remember this when you are deciding on what movies to watch. Unlike the fruit, we are easily available everywhere.

Where do you get your information?
We aggregate information from various sources including search engines, reviews, websites, etc.

Why some of the movies do not have all the information?
Many of movies may have not shared the information on public domain, hence we do not have the data.

Why User/Critics rating not available for some of the content?
We did not get sufficient information regarding them, hence we have not displayed the information.

What is SapScore?
SapScore is a derived score using IMDb Rating, Tomatometer, Metascore and Box Office collections(movies) for comparing Movies/TV shows. Please note that SapScore is more stringent in calculation as low scores from the above metrics are not included.

Why I am not getting relevant search results based on Maturity ratings ?
Search is based on text with minimum 3-4 characters, many ratings have less characters. We would recommend you to use click on the specific rating in one of the content detail pages to get the relevant results. You can also filter based on ratings.

What is the difference between IMDb rating and IMDb User Score ?
IMDb rating is what you see directly available for the the title. IMDb User Score is derived on basis of number of people who voted for the rating. IMDb User Score is more reliable than rating to identify the quality of content. When a new title is launched, the fans would immediately give the title high ratings, so in many cases the IMDb rating shows 8.0+ but its only based on say 100 votes. On the other hand, a title which has a rating of 7.0 with more than 100,000 votes will most probably be of better quality.

What is Average Critic Score ?
We have taken an aggregate of Tomatometer and Metascore in the Average Critic Score since both of them are mostly in sync for ratings, so showing two filter tabs was not useful since it was yielding similar results.

What is Content Type – Shorts ?
Any Movie type content which has less than 60 minutes duration has been put in Shorts category.